Bad DREAMer: A Story

We all know the DREAMer!
You know, the smart, high achieving, PhD bound kid with no papers.
The one that somehow managed to do 50 hours of community service per week during high school and got into every Undocumented-Studentprivate university in the country after.
The UndocuAmerican with no accent that tries so hard.
You know him!

She’s everywhere!

I’m not that person.

I could never be that person, nor would i want to be (that life seems exhausting and that’s not what I’m about).
When you live on the verge of a mental melt down, you prioritize different things.
When you don’t know if tomorrow your world will sink into an inescapable bedridden hopelessness, you focus on laughing more than you focus on study sessions.
Living with depression, counterintuitively, gives you a sense of humor.

Mind, I’m not saying I’m a bad student.
I do alright.
I’m saying I’m not perfect.
And that’s alright.

This blog, however, was created, because I also know I am not doing the best I personally can for my education.
I don’t fail tests, but this semester I could not bring myself to remember ANY of my homework assignments, nor to write them down after class.
That, is beyond being a good or bad dreamer.
That’s just laziness.

But lazy no more!

Since I spend most of my time on the computer anyway, let’s use it from something other than kitten videos!

I plan to use this tool to schedule homework timelines, remember important dates (i usually go to school until someone says, “Wow! Just three more weeks!”), and most importantly:  “STUDY”.

Yes, “STUDY”.

I learn by teaching, and thought a blog would be great for that!
After every class, i post a blog on what i learned that day.

Next semester we are looking at:
College Algebra (my brain and math are like oil and water)
Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion (I am a hopeful Anthropology major)
Linguistics (Anthropology)
Theater 111 (Because everyone deserves to have fun =])

Anyone reading is welcome to learn with me.


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