One more Class to go

I’m dying.  Yesterday was too much for me to handle.

I’m sticking in there.  Not letting up.
But just thinking that i have a meeting on media to lead right after the 3 hour class is killing inside.

I want to do this.

I will do this.

Math, here i come.


Religion, Magic, and witchcraft first day!

Although, i have had this teacher before, and had heard the speech before.

Again, another class in which there will be no testing.
Barely any assignments, really.  I don’t mind this one so much, actually.

I like discussion.  And i do well in presentations.  I will be fine.
Nothing to learn: We will be looking at different religions and deconstructing the structure of belief systems, and why we like them so much.  Should be interesting.

It sounds as if most of the class is a bunch of atheists, but the teacher promises it’s not always so.
Of course, because it is anthropology, one must always go in with level of respect for others’ beliefs and realities.
That is not something i forget.  That is not something i can forget.
I want to go into the field, haha.

Linguistics: first day!

My first class was Language and Culture.

All intros, today, of course.

Right off the bat, i was scared.
“I don’t believe is memorization.”

That’s my one forte.
Testing and i go together like a dolphin in a sea.  I can test.
That’s what i’m darned sure of.
If testing is not an emphasis, i will be left with very little to work on my grade.
I’m hoping my essays are good.  I think i write well.  But my academic writing is not the sharpest as of late.  So maybe this semester i can start polishing it again!
That’s one thing i’m excited about in this class.  Essays.  She knows language, and she’s very willing to help a student.  I have never had a teacher so openly state the degree to which she is willing to help.
“You are my responsibility and what you practice in the world because of me is my business.”  And i am falling in love with her pedagogy.
We can completely rewrite any written assignment because to her, everything is practice and only the finished product is the one that counts.
I know what you’re thinking.
I thought that, too.
“Pfft, what an easy teacher.  That’s pretty much cheating, i can’t believe she allows this.”
But it made sense.
I mean,  know it would help me a lot, not just to get a passing grade, but more importantly, to actually learn something in one class.
That doesn’t happen in many.
Quick, tell what you learned today, and how you can apply it to life.
Very few can say what.
And she’s just so gosh darned awesome!
I finally meet somebody who loves Spanglish more than i do.
I must admit i used to hate it, but over the years i learned to love it.
just like i ❤ txt text, and L337 59e4k.
Language is a wonderfully, ever evolving, living, breathing, awesomeness.
Let’s keep it that way.

So i’m excited for this class, and i’m excited to share what i learn next time.

First day of school!

And already tired…
But it’s not like that!!

Yesterday just turned out to be an exhausting day.

We woke up early to travel to LA for a 4 hour meeting regarding policy.
Fun people, nice laughs, awesome job done: tiring.

Drove straight back to a Know Your Rights presentation in which we teach community members about what to do in case stopped by the police, immigration, and in the case of detention.  Everything from stating you will use your right to remain silent, to creating a plan of action among family members, and co-workers.  Never lie to an immigration officer!  And never admit anything or sign anything!  You don’t have to! Just stay quiet until you can see a lawyer. 
From there we drove home for a half hour nap and straight into a fundraiser we were hosting with another community org.  I had volunteered to MC, so i had to.  Event ended at 11:30, but i dropped off sooner.  Couldn’t go to sleep anyway.
I’m tired, but the teachers totally re-energized me!  I will posting what i learned today in upcoming blogs, no worries =]

Biggest little step: Waking up

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