One more Class to go

I’m dying.  Yesterday was too much for me to handle.

I’m sticking in there.  Not letting up.
But just thinking that i have a meeting on media to lead right after the 3 hour class is killing inside.

I want to do this.

I will do this.

Math, here i come.


First day of school!

And already tired…
But it’s not like that!!

Yesterday just turned out to be an exhausting day.

We woke up early to travel to LA for a 4 hour meeting regarding policy.
Fun people, nice laughs, awesome job done: tiring.

Drove straight back to a Know Your Rights presentation in which we teach community members about what to do in case stopped by the police, immigration, and in the case of detention.  Everything from stating you will use your right to remain silent, to creating a plan of action among family members, and co-workers.  Never lie to an immigration officer!  And never admit anything or sign anything!  You don’t have to! Just stay quiet until you can see a lawyer. 
From there we drove home for a half hour nap and straight into a fundraiser we were hosting with another community org.  I had volunteered to MC, so i had to.  Event ended at 11:30, but i dropped off sooner.  Couldn’t go to sleep anyway.
I’m tired, but the teachers totally re-energized me!  I will posting what i learned today in upcoming blogs, no worries =]